The Community Health Division (CHD) comprises of a band of exciting people who have come together and share a common vision and passion to reach out and touch the lives of the poor. Every member believes that they have been called to bring hope to the hopeless, joy to those in despair and lift people out of misery. What a delight it is to be called to bring hope, joy, knowledge, and opportunities to people who have nothing to offer in return.

The CHD being the outreach arm of Bangalore Baptist Hospital, endeavours to make a difference to the lives of the poor and marginalised living in the villages of the Bangalore Rural District and slums within Bangalore city. We are governed by the Christian Medical College, Vellore.

All our programs have been developed on response to needs expressed by the communities.

Our Team

Here's a team that works to bring lasting, transformative changes in the lives of the poor.
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Our team at Community Health Division