Our Team

Get to know a little bit more about our team at Community Health Division.
Aayisha Ali. A - Bio Statistician

Aayisha Ali. A

Bio Statistician

Aayisha is extremely passionate about statistics and is keen to learn new things. She has beautiful collection of clothes and accessories.

Amrutha - Nurse



Amrutha, by nature, is committed to helping others. Amrutha never goes unnoticed thanks to her peculiar laugh, different hairstyles and various shades of lipstick.

Dr. Bindhya R James - Consultant

Dr. Bindhya R James


Bindhya is pleasant, compassionate and empathetic.  She has a very special corner for the children of Rachnahalli Slum in her heart. We adore her tinge of mischief and humour.

Dr. Carolin George - Head - Community Health Division

Dr. Carolin George

Head - Community Health Division

Dr Carol is vivacious, highly animated and spirited. She is loving and kind yet she can have a firm hand on the tiller. We value her dedication, the steadfast commitment and her creativity and unique ideas.

Dr. Leeberk Raja - Consultant

Dr. Leeberk Raja


Dr. Leeberk is wise, infectiously optimistic, a calm listener and a motivator. Being a master of multi-tasking, he works smartly and remains calm. Great foodie and loves to taste different delicacies.

Dr. Ranjitha Dev Ravindran - Consultant

Dr. Ranjitha Dev Ravindran


From “How will I work in these challenging environment,” Dr Ranjitha has now become a symbol of trust to the people in DJ Halli slum. She has have transformed many lives.

Dr. Reena Samuel - Consultant - Dentist

Dr. Reena Samuel

Consultant - Dentist

Her smile is synonymous with the work she does and an ideal choice for a dentist. Her exceptional love for the kids in the DJ Halli slum is greatly valued. .

Dr. Sathya Paul - Consultant- Dentist

Dr. Sathya Paul

Consultant- Dentist

Dr. Sathya is a cool, stylish person with a great sense of humour. He comforts all his patients and grants them assurance of a great outcome, even those with critical dental problems.

Dr. Shalini - Consultant

Dr. Shalini


Dr Shalini is soft-spoken and has a caring nature. She tops the chart with compliments from patients. Dr Shalini goes the extra mile to explain in detail most gently to the patients.

Dr. Shon - Consultant

Dr. Shon


Dr Shon is a humble, down to earth and holistic person. He inspires us with his devotion to his commitment.

Dr. Srividhya Raghavendran - Consultant - Family Medicine

Dr. Srividhya Raghavendran

Consultant - Family Medicine

Srividhya is a dynamic, passionate and excellent leader. Her enthusiasm fills everyone with joy. Her services as a leader at the Express Clinic is amazing.

Dr. Sumangala - Opthalmologist

Dr. Sumangala


Sumangala is our nightingale. She is melodious with a soothing voice.  We admire your dedication and commitment towards the eye care in the slums.

Honey - Nurse



Honey is extremely dedicated to the Palliative Care division. Has great empathy and patience when she treats her patients. She has a weakness for sweets.

Krishnamurthy - Healthcare Worker


Healthcare Worker

Krishnamurthy is kind and extremely patient. He is rich in his smile and slow to anger. With a beautiful smile like his, everyone simply loves him. He is always willing to visit clinics and camps at any time of the day.

Leelavathy - Paramedical worker


Paramedical worker

Leelavathy educates the community, especially to people from the slums, on basic healthcare and hygiene practices. She is a great cook and a motherly figure to the youngsters of the CHD team.

Nandisha - Healthcare Worker


Healthcare Worker

Nandisha is a jovial and sportive person in our team. He connects with the community well and the elderly folks loves him.  He is an amazing dancer, fond of sport bikes and is always camera ready.

Reena - Nurse



Reena is talented and committed. She is a pharmacist who knows every drug, every brand / generic name with dosages at the tip of her tongue. Reena detests vegetables in any form.

Sabitha - Nurse



Sabitha cares deeply for her patients and their families. She is empathetic towards them and provides comfort in every way possible. Apart from her work, she loves food and has a weakness is Vada and Kebab.

Sandiya - Nurse



Sandiya is sincere and committed. She has a sharp memory and never misses anything told to her. Apart from her work, she is lively and energetic.

Shaik Moulali - Driver

Shaik Moulali


Shaik is kind-hearted and thoughtful. .With his excellent driving skills, he maneuvers the Smile on Wheel (SOW) vehicle to reach the remotest villages. while ensuring the safety of all our SOW staff.

Shiva - Programme Manager


Programme Manager

Shiva, is our man behind the lens. Credit goes to him for all our meaningful photographs. Shiva is committed, dedicated and a passionate worker. Simplicity is his mantra and one can visualise this in both his personal and professional life.

Shobha - Nurse



Shobha is intelligent, meticulous and dedicated to her work. Working closely with patients who are chatting with you one day and have passed on the next day is not an easy task. At such a young age, Shobha displays immense strength and that motivates everyone at CHD.

Srinivas - Driver



Srinivas is friendly and his compassion towards the palliative patients is commendable.  Srinivas  loves taking selfies and relishes kebabs.

Suresh - Programme Manager


Programme Manager

Suresh committed, passionate, friendly, and has a great sense of humour that connects him well with our community members.

Vimala Vinolia Smile! - Admin. Assistant

Vimala Vinolia Smile!

Admin. Assistant

Vimala is trustworthy and dependable. She manages the mess for the staff at Mother Teresa Hospital. 'Captain Cook' is a popular name for Vimala because of her love for food.