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We, at BBH believe the poor must enjoy a healthy life in all its fullness.

COVID-19 surge is crumbling India’s healthcare systems. Lives lost. Families shattered. Children deserted. No ‘breath’ for anyone.

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Covid-19 India - child breath of life
BBH Community Health Division helps our communities lead healthier lives by taking healthcare

The poor living in the rural villages around Bangalore rural and urban slums face a number of challenges in accessing basic healthcare.

Inspired by the great Master’s passion for the poor, the outreach arm of Bangalore Baptist Hospital—the Community Health Division help our communities lead healthier lives by taking healthcare to their doorstep since 2005.

Our impact over the years

We have touched the lives of 2 million people

by spreading joy, offering hope, creating opportunities and sharing knowledge.



Meet Arifa, the baby who lived

Seven-month-old-Arifa needed open heart surgery for a complicated congenital heart defect. Today Arifa is a peppy, bright-eyed girl, running down an avenue of dreams and endless possibilities. Her friends call her the "beauty queen."


Meet Ashwathaya, who's forever smiling.

72-year old Ashwathya experienced hearing loss for a long time. But, there are no doctors in his village, nor buses to get to a city hospital. Then he found our mobile clinic. Within a week he got a hearing aid. Now, he's forever smiling.


Meet Jayashree, a budding businesswoman

She was belittled and minified for her size. 26-year old Jayashree assumed that her disability was her fate until she met us. With the initial loan from us to start a small convenience store, she now takes home daily around Rs. 3,000.


Meet Ali, the future pilot

Ali lives in a slum where disease and poverty go hand in hand. His mother, Jameena, brings him to the doctor when he falls sick. The doctors treat Ali and explain Jameena how to prevent him from falling ill. Ali is back in school. Now Ali wants to be a pilot.

How have we created an impact?

By engaging with the communities we serve and through our programmes that spread joy, hope, opportunities and knowledge.