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Building Healthy Villages
Disability Support
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Smile on Wheels
Palliative Care
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Arogya Grama

Building healthy villages

Arogya Grama is designed to promote health and well-being among people living in rural areas. It aims to prevent illness, disability and deaths due to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer (breast, cervical and oral), chronic lung disease and mental illness.


Caring for persons with disabilities

A collaborative project with the Government of Karnataka, the District Disability Rehabilitation Centre, identifies persons with disabilities in Bangalore Rural, assessing their health, educational, livelihood and social needs.

Children aged two to five years with developmental disabilities get the opportunity to experience therapeutic classroom settings at our centre run with the collaboration of the Spastic Society of Karnataka.


Showering freshness to people addicted to alcohol

A unique community-based model of taking de-addiction services to rural areas. The villagers have access to a free-de-addiction services and counselling support by our trained team, at their doorstep.

Community members, families, village leaders and other stakeholders actively participate in the overall running of this initiative.

Recently, we have initiated a programme to help women overcome their addiction.

Smile on Wheels

Taking healthcare to the doorstep of the poor

Using a van equipped with diagnostic (laboratory, ECG) and treatment facilities, a health team consisting of doctors, nurses, a laboratory technician visit rura villages and urban slums to provide quality medical care at subsidised rates.

Palliative Care

Providing end-of-life care

Two teams of our Palliative Care Unit (one serving the city and the other serving villages in Bangalore Rural District) provide palliative care to those suffering from end of life conditions. Doctors, nurses and counsellors, serve patients at homes through planned visits; manage those having terminal cancer and incurable medical diseases while providing strength and confidence to their loved ones.


Promoting Health & Fostering hope in slums

We provide primary healthcare through our health centres and mobile clinics in the slums. Through our holistic healthcare approach, we engage the communities to build opportunities.

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Help us create
a joyful and healthy community.

Little Deepana travelled from Nepal to get a cure for TB. She's back to herself, healthy, bright-eyed, smiling and at school.


Help us create
a joyful and healthy community.

Little Deepana travelled from Nepal to get a cure for TB. She’s back to herself, healthy, bright-eyed and smiling.