COVID changed our landscape and capsized our life. Our life hangs by a thread. Fear, anxiety, desperation and hurt seem to be the vocabulary in our daily life.

At BBH, we've stretched out our strengths and capabilities; despite nationwide sweep and the unpredictability of this invisible enemy.



Sometimes, we walk patients to the footsteps of heaven, and sometimes we walk patients to the front door of our hospital, to take a ‘fresh breath’. We cry in despair; we cry in joy and celebrate when we save each life.

Fighting for breathFighting for breath


Our ICUs depict a strange new world. A few attached to ventilators and the others are turned onto their stomachs, pronated to help relieve the pressure on their lungs.

Nurses and doctors clasp a set of nervous fingers, stroke a tense shoulder, or brush fevered hair from a wrinkled forehead.

Witnessing death, people gasping for breath and constant fear that they will take the deadly virus back to infect their loved ones at home give our team nightmares and restless nights. However, when a patient is wheeled out of ICU, it is this transformation that gives them a good night sleep, including the eight-month pregnant nurse who insisted that she works in the ICU.

Through our meticulous medical care, many patients walked out of the unit alive, with a new lease on life.

Tubes of breathTubes of breathTubes of breath


Fighting the virus is by no means easy. Our team are in PPE (personal protective equipment) to treat all patients with COVID-19, safeguard themselves, their loved ones and be available to care for the huge avalanche of people desperately seeking admission.

Saviours of breathSaviours of breathSaviours of breath
Saviours of breathSaviours of breath


Awaiting for her bundle of joy is any mother's dream. But, with COVID, it's a nightmare for pregnant mothers. Many may not find a hospital; some may not reach on time. And when they reach a hospital, a few shed a tear of joy and some are still shocked and battle to wipe out the painful memories.

Here's *Leela who was brought into our care, after countless failure to find a hospital, is mesmerised seeing her baby.

Manjunath was wheeled into our ICU, fighting for breath. Back home, his family was frantically in touch with us, pleading to save him. He was everything to them. When Manjunath met *Sr. Jessy after he was moved out of ICU he didn’t say much, but a tear rolled down his face. It was Manjunath's second chance to breathe once again. For Sr Jessy that celebratory occasion was among the happiest moments during several unforgettable weeks.

First breathFirst breathFirst breath

Left alone on a long and lonely road

When COVID takes away the breadwinner, it brings the family to its knees. We hear many stories of families who have lost their breadwinners - sometimes, a mother, a father, a brother or a sister.

Our care does not stop at the hospital, we travel along the long and lonely to follow them to their homes, showering care, medication, counselling and offering food kits.

*All names changed to protect identity

Here’s what you could give to ‘Replenish BREATH.

PPE Kits - Rs.800 each

Patient care at the ICU - Rs.25,000 per day

Care for patients in the community (treatment, medicines, oxygen and food kits) - Rs.2,500 for each family